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Disaster Relief

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma dented the September Jobs Report, despite the Labor Department reporting that unemployment fell to a 16 year low of 4.2 percent. Economists agree the job losses were due to the disruptions from the hurricanes, not underlying weakness in the economy. Then October brought Las Vegas’ worst disaster imaginable plus the California wildfires with winds so powerful they caused the fire to leap across six traffic lanes of asphalt causing students on a bus headed to a sport’s meet to have to run for the hills. Unprecedented disaster reports are making people reluctant to make any move. For the first time since 2005, more than half of U.S. workers say they’re satisfied with their jobs, according to the Conference Board, a research group. Work is a great distraction from constant tragedy. Companies that need to hire face record unemployment plus a job market searching for a safe haven. Does that describe your company culture?

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